Nāda yoga

Music moves, enriches and connects. The power of sound and music has been used, studied and explored by different cultures and civilisations since times long past.

Nāda yoga (the yoga of sound) is an ancient tradition from India. It assumes that the cosmos and everything within it consists of subtle sound vibrations (Nāda).

Through nāda yoga you can tune in to the music of your deeper universal essence.


A voyage of discovery along your musical landscape.

In this nāda yoga workshop we explore the relaxing and healing power of sound, music and mantra. The sound vibrations are made with different instruments such as tānpura and singing bowls.

We work towards expressing your inner sound through your own voice.

In the practice of nāda yoga it is not necessary at all to be a “good” singer or to sing “beautifully”. You will notice how beautiful and powerful your own sound already is.

Concert & kīrtan

Sit or lie down and enjoy live meditation music. Solo or together with other artists, yogīs and yoginīs, I provide meditation and sound concerts and kīrtan.

A kīrtan concert is a kind of mantra sing-a-long in which the performer and the audience make devotional music together. This form of singing together is often in a “call and response” format and has its roots in the ancient traditions of India.

Martin (about me)

Martin acts, plays music, sings and makes theatre.

I’ve been on stage since I was six. years old. I have been very lucky to be able to turn that into my work later, both in front of and behind the scenes. In my late teens / early twenties I came into contact with yoga, tantra, meditation and mantra.

I already knew about chanting mantras and yoga, but to be honest I had never heard of nāda yoga. And then that suddenly crossed my path, probably just hanging on the couch surfing the internet after a performance. WOW music and yoga!

I’m a registered yoga teacher and currently training for my RYT500 advanced level.

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